Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuffety, stuff, stuff :)

I couldn't really think of a clever title for yet another mish-mosh post, sorry! :) Anyhow, onto the good stuff (hehe)....

Cara had a bit of a tongue-tied issue (or an ankyloglossia issue) when she was born. She was latched on ok with her mouth take in most of areola but doing it kinda funny, she took in a lot of air when she fed (she burped so loud in the beginning she would wake Kev up!) and she wasn't wetting her diapers very much. Even though I remember getting sore a lot in the beginning, it was nothing like I had experienced previously. And I remembered that there is not a whole lot of colostrum in the beginning but to have several dry diapers in a row was concerning. So, after a trip to the pediatrician and voicing my suspicion, it was confirmed that she was a bit tongue-tied. We made an appointment with a pediatric surgery for the end of the next week for an evaluation. When the day came, Cara ended up getting her frenulum clipped and it was so sad to see! But after she was able to latch on (it took her a while to latch with the local anesthesia and the ability to stick out her tongue more), she nursed happily! I do thank God that I heard about this condition from several friends, so I can be more aware of it. But if the above symptoms happen to you, definitely get it checked out! It will save you and your baby from undue pain and stress! [I would have to say that while doing my research, some articles say that some tongue-tiedness is not severe enough to warrant clipping and that the frenulum can stretch to accomodate, so definitely get an accurate evaluation.]

Our church here has been such a blessing since we've joined, esp since we've had the baby. Not only do they do a birth announcement in the bulletin but they have been cooking meals for us for a whole week and will continue to do so for another week and even sent flowers! This time around, I've really appreciate the meals so much - with taking care of 3, I'd have to admit that getting meals ready are towards the bottom of my list! LOL! These women at NC4 go above and beyond just a dish - we're getting complete meals with sides and dessert/fruit. And it's been so great getting to know some of these moms that I don't know so well before. Plus, when you're not able to go out as much, it's just nice to get visitors! :) We are definitely feeling very loved! So if your church doesn't have a meal thingy for moms of newborns, you should start one! [BTW, if anyone has any good casserole recipes or quick, easy meals, please email me! :)]

It's been getting colder here and with all this dry air and the heat blasting indoors, the kiddies' skin are really dry. Jana even developed some rough patches on her body! The lotions we've had didn't really do a thing and we were already using California Baby's Sensitive Body Wash with no fragrances or dyes in it. But ever since we discovered Mustela's Stelatopia Line, it's been so much better. We use the cream wash, the body cream and the milky bath oil for them. I've even bought some of the no-rinse cleansing water for baby Cara since I try not to bathe her everyday. I would love to not bathe the older ones daily but even now they get pretty dirty...hehe. I'd hafta admit that it's kinda pricey but if you wait for sales at Bath & Body Works, it's not too bad! [While doing my research, some people even say that when they use this line, their kiddies with eczema don't even have to use the steroid creams anymore.] I've even been stealing the cream to use on my hands since my hands are getting so dry and chapped from washing them so much and it's definitely helping. Anyhow, just a little FYI. :)

This Christmas, with Cara's arrival and out moving back to the North, we've done all of our shopping online and it's been great! We thought about going last Saturday after going to the DaVinci Center but just seeing all the cars sitting there trying to exit off of Route 22 made us change our minds. We still have to get on those Christmas cards, though....maybe we should order Happy New Year cards from Costco instead? Hehe...

Anyhow, we hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a relaxing time getting ready! :) Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Wow, glad to hear you discovered her tongue problem! I might take your advice about that hand cream- I'm having the same problem here, and so bad my fingers are splitting at the tips! YUK! Must be the constant hand-washing with little ones around.
Jana's hair is so long! It's nice!
I think New Year's Cards are great- I have friends who do a New Year's email newsletter with loads of pics attached, which is really fun. Less money too.
I hope you are all adjusting to 3 well. We'll be doing the same in May.

Xin Lei said...

I love, love, love Mustela products...and like you, I use them all on myself too :). We did a Happy New Year card this year...I just didn't want the pressure to get them out before the25th! www.tinyprints.com is a really nice site and there were some great promotions going on when I placed my order.

kevnjacks said...

hey sally - let me know how the cream works out! i love that it's unscented and very emollient without being sticky! :) and how are you feeling these days? so excited for you!

hey annie: i love tiny prints, too! they have such creative cards. :) i might honestly have to go the route you did with the new year's cards...or maybe even a digital one. ;)