Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kids really DO say the funniest things!

I mean, I've always known the above to be true, but lately, my 'walkie-talkie' kids have really cracked me up! Here's a sampling:

Scene - Aidan is busying making pretend chocolates for all of us.
Aidan: Mommy, I finished making some chocolates for you!
Me: Aw, thanks, Aidan - what kind are they?
Aidan: They're the yummy kind with fiber - I know you like fiber!
Me: Er, you're so thoughtful!! :) Hehe!
[In my past professional life, I was a registered dietitian and I guess the kids have caught on to the fact that I like fiber - LOL!]
Aidan: I also made some for Cara to eat.
Me: Oh yeah?
Aidan: Yeah, and they are made with 'mu-nai'* because I know that's Cara's favorite.
Me: Wow, you thought of everything (stifling my giggles)!
[*Mu-nai is breastmilk in Chinese.]

Scene - Jana is in trouble again for breaking one of Aidan's creations and she is just about to be put into time out.
Me: Jana, you know you're not supposed to break Aidan's creations, even if he's not playing with them at the moment.
Jana: I know, but, oh, mama, I love your hair!!!
Me: So, now, you're going to be put into....huh? What did you say?
Jana: I love your hair, mama!
Me: Oh, thanks...erm, you still have to go to time out, though.
Seriously, where do they learn these things?! :)

Cara is obviously not talking yet but has been cooing and making the cutest noises! I love it when they get to that stage - it's so fun. :)