Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick updates

Kiddies on our trip back up north - nice PJs dontcha think? :)

1) We went up to PA to find housing 2 weekends ago and we're currently working on a lease! This is a nice townhome in Nazareth, near Bath. Hehe - all these funny names over there!

2)We are taking a trip to Taiwan from mid-June to the end of June with a quick stop in San Fran right before we head back to FL. Yes, and that's with our 2 kiddies in tow. The main impetus is to visit the grandparents and for them to see their great-grandkiddies. :) We've been reading up on tips to travel internationally with 2 little ones but if anyone has any experience or tips, we'll take it! Email me!!

3) We are pleased to announce that we have some Novemberish news! ;) If you remember, please pray for us!

4) We are still moving early to mid-July so I'm currently working on getting estimates from movers (again). Therefore, we hope to get most of our packing done before we head abroad. This will definitely be a whirlwind summer!

5) Last but not least, Kev is taking his oral boards this weekend - please pray for him!

Alrighty, hope all is well with you and yours!


Xin Lei said...

Another little one?! Yay! Congrats :). Tips for long travel (we did a 13 hour flight to Hawaii last summer): books, stickers, laptop for movies, LOTS of hand sanitizer, changes of clothes for you in the carry-on (I saw one mom get thrown up on mid flight last year...not pretty!)...and lots and lots of patience. For bedtime and naps, we strapped Fen into the Ergo and walked to the back of the plane and rocked her to sleep...worked like a charm every time :).

kevnjacks said...

Thanks for your comments, Annie! I loved the Ergo for when J was young, but alas, I think my bump will be too big to have her in front. Maybe Kev will give it a try? :) They've also both been super curious and active on previous flights - pray for us? Over 24 hours of travel is a wee bit scary...doh! And thanks for the congrats! :)

Jo said...

congrats Jacks! wow, number 3..you are brave....i'm still getting use to two kids..but they are the sweetest kids ever though..

Judy said...

Congrats on the 3rd bundle of joy! :D

CPA Mom said...

Hi there - can you email me please at cpamomva at hotmail dot com? You didn't leave your email on my website for a contest entry and I need to get in touch with you. Thanks!!


CanCan said...

I wrote an entry just for you about entertaining kids on long flights!

I hope it helps. Hopefully it won't be as stressful as you think. I usually find that to be the case.

CanCan said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your new little one! That one shouldn't give you any trouble on THIS trip. Just pack extra protein bars.