Friday, May 30, 2008

A minivan that's NOT a gas guzzler?

So, with the impending arrival of #3, we need to think about a bigger car. Doh! I've been dreading this because I really disliked driving (and parking, esp) big cars. [My dream car is the Prius with a bigger rear window!] But we need a car that can accomodate a family of five and can afford us some type of trunk space. So, we're thinking the minivans are it because most of the SUVs that we've looked at have barely any trunk space and I'll definitely need some room to tote my double stroller around. Anyhow, after doing some research on the matter, it seems like the minivans are gas guzzlers for the most part. And with gas prices creeping (or rapid climbing, really) towards the $4 mark this summer here in FL, this is disheartening. Filling up my Camry already makes me sad, so we're looking for a fuel efficient model. Kev is investigating the Mazda 5 right now because it seems to be a bit more wallet-friendly at the pump. But does anyone have any suggestions for a minivan (or even an SUV) that is NOT a gas guzzler? Maybe we overlooked some? (A vehicle that also has great safety ratings would be great!)
[We are also reading up on if we can get 3 carseats in a row in the back of my Camry, so stay tuned!]


Xin Lei said...

Golly, I hear you on the car dilemna! We have a Camry too and will probably stick with it for now...gas is already $4/gallon up here in New England. What about some sort of Volvo stationwagon...or does the new Toyota Highlander come in a Hybrid version? Good luck!

Dan & Jo said...

Hey Jackie,

you CAN fit three car seats in the Camry..I have a camry and we did it once so that my friend and her daugher can ride with there was two toddler carseat and one infant one.
it works!

kevnjacks said...

Hey Jo - what car seats did you have in the Camry when you crammed in 3?

Hey Annie - when we get our next car, I'd love to get a used Hybrid of some sort!

Grace said...

How much gas does the Mazda use? Our sienna is around 24 mpg, which isn't bad.
(PS thanks for joining my contest at!)

kevnjacks said...

Hi Grace - that is good to hear! Is that city or highway driving? Because when we were researching, we were reading 17 city and 24 highway. Since I'll be doing mostly city (lots of stop signs and lights), Mazda 5 gets 22 city and 28 highway. And most forums say that in real life, they are getting more mpg!