Friday, March 23, 2007

...when you'll start loving CLOTH

It all started when Aidan was about 6 months old and I got a personal conviction from God to care more for the environment. I was just recycling as much as I can and driving a fuel-efficient car at the time but felt the need to do more. That's when I discovered cloth diapers (and environmentally-friendly cleaning products - but that's for another post, another time). My sister was using cloth diapers on her 2nd baby and I was intrigued but a bit skeptical. It took a lot of convincing and researching but finally I decided to take the plunge. I told myself I would buy a few cloth diapers and try it out for a few months. If it wasn't for me, then I would stop - no guilt. It helped that these modern cloth diapers are much different than the pins, prefolds and plastic pants. These babies are made of a combination of velcro, snaps, microfleece, WindPro fleece!, polyurethane laminate, oragnic velour, wool...and are cute to boot! :) There are many different designs for the different types of babies. Plus, they have these fun names: bumGenius!, Haute Pockets, Fuzzi Bunz, Snap-EZ, Swaddlebees, Pocket Change diapers, Dreameze, to name a few. Anyhow, it is more work and you have to get up-close-and-personal with poo but it's been so fun for me. I figure, since I'll be changing diapers at least 5-6 times a day, why not make it more colorful & fun? ;)

But there's more...ever since I started down that road, I've discovered and used cloth pads (AKA mamapads) and family cloth (a polite way of saying cloth TP!). The cloth pads are so much more comfortable and come in these funky fabrics that make the cycle a bit easier to endure. And family cloth has cut down the amount of TP that I've used, esp when I was preggo. Anyways, to avoid divulging too much info (ahem), feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.

Finally, to be more 'green', I hope to, in the near future: drive a hybrid and walk more, use cloth napkins, and have a fun vegetable/fruit/herb garden. :) Happy Friday!


Rachel said...'ve got me thinking...yet again darn it. mamapads...i am intrigued. the idea never really crossed my mind but it makes sense. this might be my next rampage now that i have the cloth diaper thing under control.

kevnjacks said...

haha - we'll chat. :) i can even bring some on sunday to show you if you'd like. LMK!

Sheryl said...

Jackie, neat to read this old post! We started when T was over a year old, and there was no looking back. Here is a great site that lets you try CDing for only $10! Check out