Sunday, March 18, 2007

...when the need to simplify overtakes you

We've moved a lot these 4 short years that we've been married but everytime we move, it never ceases to amaze us that we have so much stuff. We always end up throwing things away, giving things away or freecycling ( like crazy. Then we ask ourselves why we bought all that stuff in the first place or why we kept it around all these years. Having kids doesn't help, either - they've now got stuff that they 'need' to play with, you know? :) We even have some boxes of books that we've moved from place to place and guess what? They are still sealed in boxes. ::blush:: This time since we're planning on paying a moving company to move our stuff, we've been more ruthless with decluttering. And it feels great! We highly recommend it!

I also found a blog written by a fellow lover of God who is living the simpler life but still enjoying the things that God has given her (she is super creative and I'm stealing some of her decorating ideas...hehe) - take a look!
Her other posts are very thought-provoking, as well.
May God continue help us to live simply and enjoy the things that matter! :)