Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Liam's Birth Story

I had been getting Braxton-Hicks contractions for about a week or so - with some of them so intense that I thought 'tonight's the night'...until I wake up still preggers. ;) So when I started getting some contractions around 10pm on 4/28/11, I didn't even bother timing them and went on with my night, staying up til midnight, as usual. However, this time, I couldn't fall asleep and the contractions were getting more and more regular as time went on. Around 1am, I decided to stop trying to fall asleep and start timing the contractions. Long story short, this went on for a while until the contractions got so intense that I felt like I'd rather be soaking in a nice, warm bath. I hung out there for a while but by 4am, I decided it was time to wake the sleeping hubby and ask him to call his mom, who was on call to babysit the kids when we went to the hospital to have the baby. She lives an hour away but I thought I had plenty of time...but I was wrong. I got dressed between contractions, finished packing my hospital bag and was trying to watch the Royal Wedding on the internet but couldn't concentrate at all. Not even all those funny hats could distract me for very long. ;) Finally, my mother-in-law got here around 5:20am. At this point, I was already feeling like I needed to push and was getting really shaky! We ran out the house and Kev put the pedal to the medal! We called the midwife on the way there but I could barely talk. Finally, we arrive at the hospital around 5:45 (there was no traffic, PTL!!) and we enter via the emergency entrance. As soon as I arrive and the ER staff saw my face, they start running around frantic, looking for the doctor on call. I was so ready to have the baby there but they told me no pushing until we get up to the maternity ward. Boo! They rush me upstairs (though it felt like it took forever, esp since they got lost once!) and right after they got me in the bed, my midwife rushed in and they gave me the go-ahead to push. Yay! So, I got to push still dressed in my hoodie and had baby Liam at 6:05am!
This time around, I finally got the birth I've always wanted - no interventions and waiting around at the hospital...though almost having the baby in the car was a bit crazy! But praise the Lord for a great delivery and a healthy baby! :)


Claire said...

You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks

Eunice said...

Wow! Awesome job! Your story is kind of like mine with Zach...I'm glad yours worked out so well!

Becca Groves said...

I just found you via bloggers NEXT BLOG button...and since I love a good birth story and stopped for a read. This sounds amazingly fast and fortunate that you did not have the baby in the car!

Thanks for a great read :)

Hanne Aasbak said...

Cute picture... :)

Esperanza said...

Ah such a beautiful baby!