Monday, October 11, 2010

Miracles, Part II: Kevin & Jackie's Stories

Yay, I'm back and I have 3 more stories to tell. And they're both good stories, I tell ya. ;) Anyhow, here we go.

Kev has had some good intolerance issues since med school. It started with milk intolerance, which we chalked up to being Asian. I mean, really, I think I know more yellow people that can't drink milk than can drink milk. :) Anyhow, then it was certain green veggies.....and other green veggies, to the point where he was barely eating any green veggies. Which to me, a registered dietitian, was really sad because I love green veggies and all their health benefits. :( Plus, I worry about the kids saying they can't eat them just because Kev doesn't. Well, then it was other foods and things were getting bad. The discomfort would keep him up at night and make him wary about all kinds of foods. All this while, we had been praying and praying and trying different kinds of supplements: enzymes, probiotics, lactase, smoothies, keeping a food dairy, you name it. But nothing was really helping. So we kept persevering with prayer and learned new ways of praying re: healing and being careful of what we say and agree with. [More on that later.] But just since the Spring of this year, his symptoms mostly disappeared!! He can even eat moderate amounts of ice cream without problem, which is such an awesome gift. :) And it was funny that we didn't even really notice Kev being healed until one night we were praying together before drifting off to sleep [we try to do that every night] and was going to pray about Kev's symptoms but realized that it had been a few days where we even talked or thought about it because he hadn't been bothered by it. And he hasn't been bothered by a bout since. Yay! What an awesome thing is it to be able to enjoy all the good food God has created...because man, we love food! :)

I have 2 stories to share about myself: Ever since I was little, I got sick a lot and had quite sensitive skin. One kinda random thing was that I couldn't even eat any seafood that wasn't freshly caught that day. If I did, I would break out in hives right away. I think I started getting a reputation at the restaurants we used to frequent when I was little....they made sure they had fresh seafood for me...haha! Anyhow, I had struggled with unexplainable hives/rashes at several different times in my life, for sometimes years at a time. Even during track season and all these very healthy times in my life I would experience bouts of it. It also puzzled every doctor I went to - I tried western medicine and chinese medicine, both of which did well to suppress the symptoms but it would inevitably come back. I also had gotten prayer for it from family and friends, which was helpful. So, when we went to the healing rooms I had mentioned this history and the fact that I was suffering from a bout of it and got prayer for it, as well. And,  yay, no more itchies for me, either. :)

I remember getting migraines starting from my teenage years. Those annoying swirls that would come, which foretold of a pounding headache and the nausea that would follow. Anyone who has gotten them can tell you they are no fun. Pain medication would only take the edge off and the only thing that would really help was a good nap and lots of fluids. Thank goodness I wouldn't get them very often in the beginning, maybe 5-6 times a year, though they showed up really frequently during the first trimester of almost every pregnancy....sometimes even 2-3 times a week. And sure, they were annoying before I had kids but after I had kids, it was really frustrating since it put me out of commission for 2-3 hours at a time and which toddler can understand why Mommy can't play with them or barely hold them for hours at a time? And, ugh, having to cook while having one was the worst. Anyhow, I knew a bunch of people that get them and had resigned myself to the fact that I was just one of those people that got them. But lately, my thinking changed. Why do I have to be the one to get them? I don't think God wants people to have them! And I don't think I have to have them, either! So I emailed the prayer team from the John G. Lake Ministries [they are the ones that trained the healing teams at my church] and asked them to pray for me about it. They emailed me back a prayer, along with some helpful videos to watch re: healing. And I haven't gotten one since...and just before that email, I was getting them more regularly, which was such a pain! This is such an awesome miracle for me, I can't tell ya! Though truthfully, I am still amazed that I don't get them, esp when I'm dehydrated or super tired - both of which I was this past week. God is so good!

All this to say that all these healings have gotten Kev and I very interested in the healing ministry and to learn how to pray for other people so that they can get healed, [and saved] too. We've been watching some teaching videos straight from John G. Ministries and it's been really mind-blowing! [The guy in charge of the ministry, Curry Blake, goes into debunking lots of doctrine that I've learned about healing and how they're not true nor biblical.] Check them out if you're interested!


Amanda said...

Jackie- I love reading these stories. God is definitly good. I have definitly struggled with my faith over the course of the past few years. Especially in light of the struggles we have faced. And I found myself raging against God in the bad times and praising him in the good, and I realized how can God be both with me and against me...he can't. He is with me always and leading our families, and through all those dark times he has been wanting me to trust him, to turn to him. This summer changed my life and I really began to seek him with All my heart, and I can tell you, his grace is amazing. Thank you for blogging and sharing these stories. We miss all of you and it is great to catch up and see how everyone is doing. We are adjusting to life here in the Alaskan bush. It is definitly different, but I am seeing God's blessings everywhere. Give everyone hugs for us.


gracious said...


How inspiring! It's so wonderful to hear your testimony on the healing powers of prayer and faith. Thank you for sharing it with us, it's such an awesome reminder in our daily walk with God.


Katie said...

I have been delving into Curry Blake's ministry, too! This is a result of getting fed up with medicines, lotions and itching in my infant. I'd love to hear how the healing room prayed for your little boy and more about what you've learned!

jashikcrib said...

Wow I didn't know that you had these migranes. Do you still get them? Good to hear that things are better.


kevnjacks said...

Tim - I haven't had a real one since! I've had one mild tension headache or two but no migraines! Praise the Lord! :)

kevnjacks said...

Katie - I just realized that I never wrote back to your comment - so sorry! Please email me at :)