Friday, July 10, 2009

This too shall pass...

...this has been my mantra, as of late. With sooo many changes going on with the move and with having three kids, I really have to keep that in mind. Lately, the two older kids started sharing a room b/c we're moving to another 3 bedroom townhome and we would like Cara to have her own room. So, that leaves the older two to share a room, esp since they can really understand rules...or so I thought. But I promptly forgot that Jana just turned three and LOVES to test the boundaries - PLUS, she's more persistent than Aidan, which can be good and bad. Anyhow, we've tried out this new room sitch for the past 3 nights and it's been very tiring. Jana keeps coming out of her bed to bother Aidan or to bother us. We've tried everything we can think of and nothing has really kept her in her bed. So, tomorrow is a new day. We're going to try the Supernanny trick - one of us will be posted right outside the door for an hour or two after they go to bed. That way, we can reinforce the rules right away and hopefully it will hit home that bedtime is really for sleeping. I mean, they can whisper and chat at night for a bit is ok but bouncing on the bed and screaming is not. I'll try to remember to update what happened between packing boxes and decluttering. :) It's almost ironic that Jana started coming out of her room and/or crying in the middle of the night after Cara decided to sleep through the night. I guess I should count my blessings that I'm not getting up for both girls and that Kev has been taking his turn at night since he's between jobs currently. And it's funny how you forget how bad things were....Aidan used to do the same thing and wake us up every time he had to pee at night when he was getting trained. And I remember thinking to myself...when will this end? When will I get a good night's rest? But then it passed and I almost forgot I had to do that. Anyhow, this post is really a reminder for me to keep praying and know that an end is in sight...even if it won't come for a while. And esp. when I'm all riled up from one, two or three of the kids, I have to keep saying this to myself and learn to enjoy the kiddies. :) G'night!
PS Anyone with any tips on how to help them share a room quietly? They do ok when they wake up - they get dressed and read til we get them, most of the time, but it's the going to sleep that's the issue. Thanks in advance! :)