Friday, September 12, 2008

A bunch of fun sites for deal-lovers!

Hi all: I know a lot of you like deals and I wanted to share 2 different types of shopping sites with ya. The 1st type is the A-Deal-A-Day sites. I haven't heard of these websites til this year and I think they're getting popular really fast. Now I know why! ;) The premise is that they offer one deal a day at a great price and stay 'open' until the deal is over or the item gets sold out. Pretty interesting concept, eh? I've only made one purchase at the first site today so I'll be back to report on how it all went. But after doing some online sleuthing, they seem to both get good marks for follow-through and customer service (with the first site being touted with even better cs then the second). And, yes, they both have RSS feeds so you can be notified when they have a new deal! :)

Anyhow, without further ado, here are 2 sites:

MamaBargains (sometimes has more than 1 deal a day)

Baby Steals

Another type of a shopping site I've discovered are these invitation, member-only sale ventures. These sites offer special pricing on usually quite expensive designer clothing for a set amount of time and sometimes, it becomes very reasonable. :) Some of them offer kiddie clothing, too. Anyhow, I haven't purchased anything from these sites but have been simply observing and doing some research. :)

Here are some of the ones I found:
Gilt Groupe
Rue La La
The Mini Social (I think it's just for kiddie stuff)

If anyone has any experience with either of these sites or have another site to recommend, please let me know! :) Happy browsing!


Xin Lei said...

Do you have membership to the Gilt Groupe?! I have been curious about this site for awhile, but don't know anyone with a membership!

kevnjacks said...

Hi Annie - Yeah, I have a membership but have not bought anything yet. I either get there too late or the prices are still out of my range. ;)

Sarah said...

Hey Jacklyn. Thanks for the sites! I've been checking your blog (found you on Annie's) =) It was so great getting together the other day! We'll have to do it again soon =)

Andrea said...

I wanted to thank you for stopping by Momma In Flip Flops2 and entering to win some great nursing wear. Please stop by again soon as there are more reviews and giveaways going on now and many, many more to come. =)

Brittany said...

If you like these sites, you should check out! They have online sample sales too, often with deeper discounts and great products. This week there is an Andrew Marc Sale - up to 65% off the coats you have been eyeing at the store! Check it out - and I think the invitation code is TOPBUTTON.