Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random tibdits for today

1) If you have a little one who has a small tushie or who is pottytraining early, Fruit of the Loom makes the smallest undies (their 2-3T size) to fit that petite frame. Carter's, it seems, is cut for wider babies. [Jana update: She's doing really well at pottytraining with some accident-free days, even as we've phased out the raisinettes. Shhh...she usually forgets to ask. Ahem. But still being in a crib has its drawbacks in that she can't come out at night or during naps to go pee unless she hollers for me, which she seldom does. So, she's in her trainers for naps (love those Imse Vimse and Little Beetles!) and diapers at night. She even did well at Sea World!]

2) We're finding out that shipping a car cross-country is not cheap! And finding a reputable company is not easy, either. We're getting some quotes via recommendations from movingscam.com (love them!) and will report back. :)

3) If you have a Publix Supermarket by you - definitely try their cakes for special occasions. They are reasonably priced and have so many options for decorations and the cake itself. For Jana's 2nd birthday, we got her a Pooh bear one with marbled cake and fresh strawberries on the inside and freshly whipped topping on the outside. Yummers! I cannot wait! Anyhow, I had a taste of one of their cakes at A & J's friends' bday party this weekend, which gave me the idea. I was going to get another Costco one but decided to try this instead. Yay!

How's that for random? ;)