Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How I got a free bag of Kettle Corn...

So, Saturday was Touch-A-Truck Day at the local park and we decided to bring the kids, though it was only 3 days after Aidan's surgery (more on that later). But since he bounced back to his normal "tiggerish" self shortly after his surgery and his eyelid looked pretty good, we thought we'd go for it. Plus, what other chance would kids have to be able to climb into all these different vehicles and push all the buttons and touch everything?! But I digress. Besides all the vehicles parked on the premises for this event, there were also vendors with their wares and edible items for sale. We had given the kids Kettle Corn before and they LOVED it! So, as soon as Aidan got whiff of it, he started asking for some. We are trying to cut down on expenses, so we buy it for them once in a while and we decided not to buy it this time around. We were able to distract him by pointing in the direction of some trucks, so he stopped pestering us. :) After a good half hour of immense fun, we started to hear whirring above. A helicopter was arriving for this event and they were flying it directly across the park for dramatic effect...though they definitely forgot about all the vendors below because things started flying every which way from the winds produced by the blades and the dirt was getting all stirred up, getting into everyone's faces. As the helicopter drew close, some vendors lost the umbrellas and tents that once had covered their stands. One umbrella-on-the-loose started towards Jana and I and I sidestepped that one no problem. I turned around to look at it, thinking to myself that I was so quick....then BAM! something hit me on the leg...hard enough that it knocked me to the ground. I deftly tried to fall on my hip so Jana (who is still in my arms) wouldn't get hurt. I turned around and saw the tent for the Kettle Corn stand that had just hit us head for more people. Doh! Anyhow, both Jana and I are OK. We survived unscathed, save for a humongorus bruise that was already developing on my thigh and a tender hip area. People who saw this incident immediately rushed over to check on us, including the guy who owned the Kettle Corn stand. He also rushed over with the biggest bag of Kettle Corn he had and said, "Here, take this. This is the least I can do." I managed to mumble a thank you, though I was still a bit dazed. Anyhow, I later rejoined Kev and Aidan and handed Aidan this huge bag of Kettle Corn. "Here you go," I said, "uhhh, I got you a bag of Kettle Corn." Anyhow, after I told the story to Kev and a few of our friends that were with us, we all had a good laugh. And don't worry, I'm fine - after several applications of Arnica gel (love this stuff!) and lots of prayer, I'm pretty much back to normal. The moral of the story: Always keep your eyes peeled for flying objects. :) Enjoy!