Monday, July 9, 2007

...what's new!

We're getting more into a groove here, now that we've been unpacked for 2 weeks or so. We're still doing lots of exploring around our area, even venturing into Tampa a few times. This humidity isn't too kind, though. We've been trying to brainstorm places to take the kids during the heat of the day, so we all don't wilt. :) So far, I've been taking them to these indoor play areas [that they have at almost every local mall around here], libraries [though storytime ended when school ended - boo!], our old standy Barnes & Noble with the Thomas train table and various stores to run errands. I've also hoped to meet some SAHMs to hang out with since it's been a bit boring now that we have all the stuff for the house. I've met a few moms on different forums that I'm on and will be meeting with a few of them this week and next. So, please pray that I will meet some kindred spirits and that our kids will play well together. :)

I can't wait til it cools down because there are so many quaint towns to visit here - downtown Dunedin, Safety Harbor and places like Hyde Park in Tampa. We've tried walking around some places already but by 10am, it's already blazing hot. It's no wonder they have so many water activities here - even the Florida Aquarium has a water play area. Next time, we're be more prepared and have the kids in swimsuits like we saw everyone else wearing. :)

On the church front, we've visited 2 churches so far and it's been ok. One church didn't really have small groups but we went to visit because we knew a family there. This week, we went to visit Countryside Christian Center, this huge church with lots of small groups and a well-established nursery. I couldn't get a real flavor for this church because Jana didn't stop crying until they got me, 10 minutes after I dropped her off. I do realize not every baby can be an Aidan. With Aidan, we literally pushed me aside and rushed into the nursery so he can meet the kids and play with the toys - and this is at every nursery we've been to so far. Kids are so different, aren't they? Anyhow, we plan on visiting a small group this week and have 2 more churches on our to-try list. Please pray that we would find a church soon - we might only be here for a year and I don't want to spend too much of it church hopping. We are mainly looking for a church that is grounded and open to the Spirit. Also, is one that has small groups with good childcare.

Oh, for the Fourth of July, we went to Honeymoon Island - they call it the "Real Florida". It was nice with lots of white sand, though some parts were still a bit rocky. We had a blast but got a bit burnt because we were so busy putting sunblock on the kids we forgot to put some on our own bodies aside from our appendages [though Kev's right chest did not get burned because he was holding Jana there - haha!]. We'll hafta post some pics soon. That night, we watched fireworks from the parking lot of Ruth Eckerd Hall. There was a spot where you can watch 4 different displays of fireworks! We thought to ourselves, yes, fireworks are legal here - haha! After all, they do sell them in Target! LOL!

We've also been finally introduced to Raffi and The Wiggles. I know, I know, what's taken us so long? I've been trying to resist the Wiggles every since I saw them on TV and I've just never been able to get a hold of any Raffi CDs. But anyhow, I think I really like them!! Raffi is pretty soothing for the most part (think Baby Beluga) and The Wiggles are very catchy, esp. songs like Hot Potato and Fruit Salad. I find myself humming it throughout the day without even noticing it, which is the annoying part. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know! Hah!

We still need to find a sitter for during the day and occasional nights. I so miss the Thursday mornings that I have free to run errands without the kiddies. ;) Running errands with them have been ok but I'm realizing that I need a double stroller now. We've got this one on the way and if that doesn't work out, will consider this one. It's just so much easier if Aidan is strapped in.....ahem. Anyhow, we continue to claim this year as a honeymoon period for our family. Praise the Lord He is always the same, no matter where you are and that we are always at home with Him. For our own enrichment, I've been reading this book lately - so much to chew through. Good stuff! Have also been listening to this lately. If anyone has any other good books and sites that've really boggled your mind, please let us know! Over and out. :)