Tuesday, April 17, 2007

...what can happen in a span of a weekend

This weekend was very packed with 'happenings' - it's hard to sum it up in a few sentences so here's a day-to-day recap.

Thursday: (Technically not a weekend, I know, but I thought I'd include it anyways. Haha!) Jana wakes up and throws up 4x throughout the day. But after each episode, she kinda smiles and acts normal. We're now thinking she has some GI bug - fun stuff. :P
Then that night we got a call from our realtor saying that we got a new offer on the house. We've been going back and forth with a couple for several days now and making slow progress. But she tells me we're being offered our bottomline and it's a take-it-or-leave it kind of offer. Of course we take it and a meeting is set up for the next morning to sign papers and start attorney review. Kev and I are happy but only reservedly so - we've heard that so many things can happen between now and the closing. Still, we are so thankful to God. [This whole house selling process has been a very interesting experience but that's for a later post.]

Friday: After meeting w/ the realtors to sign papers, we get ready to leave for a good friend's wedding in MD. We make good time and get there with plenty of time to spare. BTW, we are now fans of GPS and want to get one for FL - can anyone recommend one? The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner went swimmingly and the kids do great! I was a bit apprehensive about practically going solo to the wedding where I MIGHT know a few people that MIGHT be able to help. But so far, the portable DVD player has been a great help (along w/ a new Crayola Wonders coloring book for Aidan and new snacks for Jana) and we are in the clear. Off to our 1 bedroom suite to try and get some rest. We love 1 bedroom hotel suites and would highly recommend one if you can get it at a good price. :) Aidan also surprisingly stayed in his sleeping bag on the floor and didn't wander the hotel room. Praise the Lord!! And no more vomiting from Jana since Thursday - yay!

Saturday: The wedding is not til later in the morning so we get up and go have free hot breakfast, courtesy of the hotel. [This is another big criteria for us in the choosing hotels, if we can afford it!] Aidan is introduced to Corn Pops and Apple Jacks for the first time. He doesn't love it but ate some anyways - we're not surprised b/c he is more a fan of salty snacks. Funny, eh? The kiddies do well throughout the wedding - thank you, Jesus. The neat thing was I got to reconnect with a friend that I went on a [China/HK/Macau] missions trip with while I was in college. We saw each other and screamed. (Yes, we're both definitely girls. :D) I also got to see some old RCCC Youth Group friends. Then it was off to the groom's parents' house and on the way to there, the kids both fall asleep. I'm thinking we're in the clear again until Jana wakes up screaming, which wakes Aidan up prematurely from his only nap these past 2 days and now he's tantruming. So at one point, I had 2 of them screaming their heads off on my lap and not wanting anyone else but not really wanting me, either. Thank goodness that only lasted 30 minutes and they both finally calm down. The funny thing was there was a friend there who was contemplating have a 2nd kid and when she saw both of them screaming, she had this look on her face that said she might have made up her mind right then and there not to have the other. Haha! The reception was pretty good (esp since I had Kev's help again) and we start driving home around 11:30pm. Unfortunately, we had to make a detour back to the groom's parents' house because I forgot my cell phone there - doh! So, we made it through the pouring rain and got home by the grace of God around 2am. Phew!!

Sunday: Everyone naps lots and recovers from the last 2 days.

Monday: Since the kids are napping a lot, I got to discover how fun YouTube was! I went on a trip down memory lane as I searched through some songs from the 80s. Can I tell you that the first album I ever got was Tiffany? And of course it was on tape. :) (Am I dating myself?) But, man, I loved that album to death. I played it over and over and made up a dance to 'I Think We're Alone Now' with my friends and danced it way too much. (We had no clue what the lyrics meant and didn't care...haha.) So, for those of you that loved it - I know you're out there, you have to watch this video clip:
The 80s was so over the top and crazy (Can we say mullets?!) but it was so entertaining, eh?
I also watched some videos of Carrie Underwood - one of my favorite American Idols.
Here's hoping she's still down to earth and can withstand the pressures of Hollywood. We'll be praying for her! Enjoy!


eileen said...

congratulations on the offer for your home!! how exciting...you can relax on the cleaning now =)
...btw, i know that alex & sarah chan just got a GPS...you should ask alex b/c he did some research and is pretty good about that kind of stuff! (plus, he's all about getting good deals!)
well, i miss seeing you and jana in cell~ hopefully we'll see you next week!